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Comp Air Aviation, is owned and operated by Ron Lueck, and is now based in Titusville, Florida. Over the years, Comp Air has become a well-known fixture in producing high-performance, utility, experimental aircraft. We have been on the cover of several aviation magazines, and have had several articles published in various aviation magazines, such as Private Pilot Magazine, Custom Planes Magazine, Kit Planes, AOPA Pilot, US Aviator and General Aviation News, along with several on-line publications.

We have manufactured a complete family of composite kit-built airplanes ranging in size from 4 to 10 seats; powered by engines from 180 to 1,880 hp, with cruise speeds that range from 125 mph to 400 mph TAS. Roomy cabins, rugged utility, high useful loads, low maintenance requirements and impressive performance distinguish our products from others. Comp Air, is one of the oldest kit manufacturers in the United States.

With over 23-years of experience producing hundreds of innovative aircraft (over 200 with turboprop engines) which embody modern construction techniques, advanced avionics installations, and adoptions to special operations, (floats, cargo pods and high-tech FLIR systems).

Comp Air kit aircraft are operated around the world by individuals and organizations that desire high performance aircraft that have substantial useful loads, cubic volume, and speed. These aircraft are operated in diverse locations around the world, such as Russia, Iraq, Mexico, and South America to name only a few.