Comp Air 9

Cruise Speed (knots)

Maximum Seating

Useful Load (lbs)

Maximum Range (NM)

The fully Carbon Composite construction of the CA9 gives it a sleek airframe that allows it to cruise at 250 knots even though it has fixed landing gear.  The fixed landing gear gives the aircraft the ability to go into rugged terrain where you are unable to take a retractable gear aircraft, and the high useful load will let you carry just about anything you can imagine.  The Honeywell power plant provides the power to get you up to cruising altitude quickly, or to get you off of a short strip without a problem.  Combine all of those attributes and you have a wonderful aircraft that can be used by a family, or as a utility aircraft.

General Specs

1000 HP
Cruise Speed:
220 kts
Stall Speed
65 kts
30,000 Ft
Fuel Capacity:
300 gallons
37 cu ft

Interior Configurations

The Comp Air 9 interior can be configured to your exact specifications, but here are a few examples showing how we have chosen to outfit the Comp Air 9.  With roomy seating for 8 adults, entry via air stair or pilots doors, a lav and a large baggage compartment, the Comp Air 9 offers a versatile platform capable of carrying you, your friends and all of you luggage just about anywhere you would want to go.

CA9 standard Seating

8 Place Executive

CA9 Club Seating

8 Place Executive Club

CA9 max seating

Max Capacity

CA9 Front
CA9 Side

Airframe Specs

43 ft
41 ft
15-4" ft
Wing Area:
260 sq. Ft.
Wing Loading
29 lbs./sq. ft.
Empty Weight:
4300 lbs.
Gross Weight:
7700 lbs.
1000 HP
Constant Speed / Reversible
Fuel Capacity:
300 gal.
37 cu ft

Perfomance Specs

Top Speed:
250 Kkts
Cruise Speed:
220 kts
Stall Speed:
65 kts
Takeoff Distance:
750 Ft
Landing Distance:
750 ft (with beta)
Crosswind Component:
17 kias
Rate Of Climb (Solo):
4,000 fpm
Rate Of Climb (Gross):
2,800 fpm
G loading
4.3 / -1.5
30,000 Ft
Range@ Cruise:
1500 nm

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