CompAir Debuts The Beginnings Of Its Newest Six-Seat Single-Engine Piston Aircraft CompAir Enterprises’ President, Ron Lueck, discussed their newest aircraft, the CompAir6.2 that is, in his words “the quintessential family airplane.” This is a brand-new design, a six-place single-engine piston high wing aircraft that will be powered by a Lycoming IO 580 engine, their Lightning engine (an experimental version). The CompAir6.2 will have a useful load of 2000 pounds and carry 6 people at about 175 knots. The cabin will be 52 inches wide to finish inside after finish, and will carry through the entire passenger cabin, with a headroom of 48 inches. Its all-carbon fiber, resonant-fused vacuum bag system when we’re in production. 

The kit comes just like this (molded fuselage with vertical fin in place) so all the parts that you see are done, the wings will come the same, pretty much assembled; it is a 51% kit although Mr. Lueck believes the FAA is going to allow CompAir to start custom building airplanes for people. CompAir has always had a builders assistance program. It’ll take about 1,500 hours of work, and they’ll benefit from the learning we have incorporated over the past 30 years building airplanes and kits. We’ve made it safer and less bothersome because it’s a jig-less system that does not require any fixtures; we’ve built all the critical structural components for you. CompAir6.2 will have multiple panels available and will assist with whatever you want to use for a power plant. 

Mr. Lueck sees greater construction assistance from the factory as leading to safer aircraft, because the garage-builder can properly execute, and ultimately, CompAir becomes a good option for certified aircraft that’s more cost effective. 

CompAir, in business since 1990, mostly involved with amateur-built experimental aircraft, has about 520 kits out in the field, almost 400 are flying now, and they count the military as one of their customers. 

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