Embarking on the journey of building an amateur-built aircraft is akin to stepping into a realm of possibilities, especially when it comes to engine choices. In this segment, we’ll take a look at the many possibilities of engines that breathe life into the Comp Air 6.2, providing owners with the freedom to tailor their flying experience.

One of the distinctive features of the CA6.2 is the freedom to choose from a variety of engines. We chose to use a powerful, dual turbo, dual intercooled, Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A. Boasting 350 horsepower, this engine transforms the CA6.2 into an awe-inspiring 6 place flying machine.

Tailoring Power to your flying style

The beauty of owning an amateur-built aircraft lies in the myriad engine choices available. If navigating mountainous terrain or reaching high altitudes isn’t your primary focus, a normally aspirated IO-580 or a Continental IO-550 proves to be an excellent choice for the 6-place airplane. Both options offer reliability and performance tailored to different flying styles.

Embracing Turbine Power

For those craving even more power, the Comp Air 6.2 Turbine option opens the door to turbine engines. Imagine the rush of flying with a 650HP Walter 601D, a 750 HP Honeywell TPE-331-10, or a Pratt & Whitney PT6, each capable of propelling the aircraft with awe inspiring performance. The allure of turbine power adds a new dimension to the CA6.2’s capabilities.

Diesel and Multi-Fuel Engines

Addressing the global perspective, the CA6.2 acknowledges the growing interest in diesel and multi-fuel engines, particularly in Europe. The ability to use Diesel or multi-fuel engines reflects the pragmatic approach to fuel availability. In regions where 100LL is scarce, diesel/Jet-A burning engines provide a reliable and more accessible alternative.

Freedom of Choice: The Hallmark of Experimental Airplanes

What sets the CA6.2 apart is the magic of choice. In the realm of experimental and amateur-built aircraft, owners have the freedom to select their preferred engine, tailoring the airplane to their unique needs and desires. The ability to pick an engine that aligns with your vision transforms the flying experience into a truly personalized adventure.  Whether you opt for turbocharged power, traditional reliability, or the commanding force of a turbine, the CA6.2 stands as a testament to the boundless opportunities that come with owning an amateur-built aircraft.