Ride along in the Comp Air 6.2 while we do a quick lap around our home base in Titusville, Florida.  This was a test of our new in-flight camera system while we were full of fuel and there are 2 passengers on board.  We wanted to show you some telemetry during the flight, so you can see the 1000 fpm climb out, as well as the 62knot touchdown speed.  

CA6.2T in flight

The Comp Air 6.2 piston powered experimental provides a roomy 6-place carbon-fiber airframe, plus baggage. 300+ horsepower is enough to cruise at 170+ knots. The fixed landing gear gives the aircraft the ability to take your 2000 pound useful load into rugged terrain where you are unable to take a retractable gear aircraft.  If you are looking for more performance, see our turbine engine version.