Comp Air 6.2

Comp Air’s CA6.2 is a carbon composite, high-wing, experimental sport utility kit aircraft, that is expected to boast a 2,000-pound useful load.

Comp Air Aviation, the Florida manufacturer of high-performance, utility, experimental aircraft debuted the newest addition to the company’s line at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the CA6.2, that the company calls the “next generation of experimental sport utility aircraft.” This is the first aircraft we’ve seen from the company since its launch of the CA12 turbo prop, CA9 six seater, and others more than a decade ago.

In an interview with Marc Cook, editor in chief of KitPlanes, Ron Lueck, Comp Air’s owner and operator said, “What happens is when you are in the business long enough, and we’ve got hundreds of kits out, you wind up selling against yourself, and that’s what we found ourselves doing is selling against our own product. People are buying used ones and stuff. So we decided we had to build a new airplane, and that’s what we’re doing now.“

“We specialize in bigger airplanes,” Lueck continued. “…our philosophy has always been, people would rather be comfortable and give up two or three knots, to be comfortable. You want to bring the wife and two kids and dogs and some baggage and you really need a bigger airplane to do that.”

The CA6.2 is a fully carbon composite aircraft with a Lycoming TIO-540 producing 325 horsepower capable of cruising at 185 knots. The cabin measures 52 inches wide and 45.5 inches high. To compare, the six-seat Cessna 206 has a cabin width of 43 inches.

Buyers can build the aircraft on their own or use a builder assistance program. According to Comp Air, “The quick build features that are molded into the composite parts will get you airborne much faster than previous generations of composite experimentals. Our new assembly techniques remove the need for complicated lamination techniques by joining formed parts with specialized adhesives, making this a robust, but light airframe.”

“Careful attention has been paid to making sure that a builder can do the job properly, swiftly, and with confidence,” a Comp Air media release said. “Modern carbon composite fabrication techniques minimize construction complications while the additional availability of a Builder Assistance Center can all but guarantee a speedy —and worry-free—construction process.”

The all-inclusive kit is currently being offered for $250,000. Buyers will need to supply the engine, propeller, avionics, battery, paint, and upholstery. When all is said and done, Lueck estimates a final cost in the low-to-mid-$400,000 range to complete the build.

The CA6.2 is currently in development with plans to begin flight testing in January 2023. The company expects to fly the finished aircraft to the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, at the end March next year.

Comp Air is currently taking reservations for the CA6.2 and those interested can learn more on Comp Air’s website. The company estimates kit deliveries will begin in June 2023.

Comp Air has also begun designing another aircraft that they plan to debut at Sun ‘n Fun 2023.